Lacry Couture, about me...

Welcome to the Fashion World of Lacry Couture.

Designed with Passion and made with love for you.

Each garment I make has a story behind it - be it theatrical, locational, contemporary or classic, but all are timeless in their appeal.

I offer a high-end bespoke service for private clients who want a special perfectly fitted outfit that will instantly become a favourite item in their wardrobe.

My designs are classic and sophisticated luxury garments with a modern twist, often with a nod to Imperial and Royal panache in the evening wear; handmade with intricate embroideries, hand-finish and hand stitching inspired by haute-couture techniques of the early Parisian Ateliers.

The essence of my couture is imaginative creativity.

My clients know that when I'm creating something it's going to be one-of-a-kind. Research goes hand in hand with my own creativity. I draft ideas select materials that celebrate the design. My embroidery options breathe life into the garments. It is a complete and ever-changing process, from creating the concept to the final product that can take anywhere from a few days to weeks to complete.

If a design speaks to me, I know it will speak to the client.

Lacry Couture collections and designs can be delicate, elegant, romantic, poetic, theatrical, feminine, classic or contemporary; inspired often by the colours of the seasons and nature, classical music and painting, especially the Impressionists.

The combination of beauty and imagination in the clothes produces an uplifting effect on the wearer.

Practicality and functionality is never neglected, how the client is going to maintain the garment; I try to avoid the 'dry clean only' option; often just a mild wash with a low spin is sufficient.

Cuffs and collars are made detachable for easy washing: snap fasteners, press studs and invisible zips are sewn in so you can just pop them off and put them back on creating a different look.

Most of my dresses are reversible so you can wear them on both sides, for example it will be black on the outside and gold on the inside and you can wear it both ways.

Wools and Tweeds are sourced from Yorkshire and the Scottish Highlands while silk, lace and satin comes from couture fabric suppliers from the UK and Florence.

My designs have been published in OK Magazine, Daily Mail Newspaper, Flavour Magazine, Fashion World Magazine, Gladys Magazine, Flawless, Dreamingless .., Dreamingless Magazine .., Fashion Couture Magazine, Elegant Magazine, Afi Magazine, Vogue Italia, Daily Mail, Windsor Express newspaper, YouTube ..